Cocker Trials


Cocker Field Trials began in 1925 and are the highest level of competition for English Cockers and Cocker Spaniels.


The title of Field Champion or Amateur Field Champion is awarded to a dog that has earned at least 10 points from placements and a Win, or two Wins, in either Open or Amateur stakes.


From “The Guide to Conduct and Judging of Cocker Spaniel Field Trials”,


"The purpose of field trials for the English Cocker and Cocker Spaniels is to provide a competitive environment for the continuing enhancement of the hunting capabilities of the breed.

The trial should demonstrate the performance of a properly trained spaniel in the field, and should determine the dog with the finest qualities among the group entered in each stake.

The judging will affect the values of the dogs put up and affect the breeding schedules of the future."